Zarif: Zionist regime is a universal problem!

Mohammad Javad Zarif: Policies of the Zionist regime are not in actuality limited to a small region. As you see today, even in the United States, the interests of the Zionist regime in many cases overcome the US interests. It is the Israelis’ interests that is controlling the US policy. So is in Europe. On the other hand, there is the issue of Israel’s weapons of mass destruction and having weapons of mass destruction. This is not a local issue. It is both local and universal. The biggest threat in our region is from Zionist regime’s weapons and from occupying policies of the Zionist regime. In fact, many western countries are today hostages of the Zionist regime. It means that they cannot follow their own policies to provide their people’s national interests because of this. Therefore, the supposition that the problem of Zionist regime is local or is an Arabs’ issue is not right. The issue of Zionism and the dangers of Zionism for the world politics is a universal issue.

[As we get closer to annual Quds Day ceremony, Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif says that “Zionist regime” is not a local but a universal problem.]

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