Zarif on signing contract with China

[Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif tells the Iranian lawmaker that in signing a 25-year contract with China, his government is fully transparent. Iranian government hasn’t announced the details of the contract, and many have called it “dishonorable”.]

Mohammad Javad Zarif: The other point that must be taken into account is the shift in centers of power in the world. That is why we have preserved a comprehensive policy and with self-confidence, sat in front of 6 world powers and according to Mr. Trump we could cheat them. We created a situation where John Bolton was worried about our meeting with Mr. Trump. At the same time, we had the authority to negotiate a 25-year contract with China. Here I must tell great people of Iran that in contract with China, there is no secret issue. We announced it when there were talks about signing a strategic 25-year contract in Mr. Xi’s meeting with the supreme leader, we announced it when last year, I took its draft in my trip to China, we announced it when China replied to our proposal, we announced it when the government accepted the Chinese framework for negotiating about the contract, and when we reach an agreement, we will announce it. There is full transparency in our relations. But understanding that the centers of power are changing in the world doesn’t mean that we will have inclination towards one side and discard the no east, no west policy of the Islamic Republic.

Date of monitoring: 05/07/2020

Source: IRIB News

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