Zarif: In foreign policy, supreme leader determines foreign policy!

FM Mohammad Javad Zarif: Let me tell you a memory, which I have told you before.

–I wish you would tell us one that you haven’t told before!

Mohammad Javad Zarif: Many haven’t heard this before – particularly from myself. Once in 2002, I was invited to go to the supreme leader’s office. I went there and he told me that ‘Dr. Kharazi has introduced you as ambassador to the United Nations and I have agreed with it. But I want to talk to you.’ He said, ‘your view in this particular issue’ – I don’t want to get into that issue – ‘is clear. And you know that my view is different on that issue.’ I said yes, I know that. I said I think it is my duty, as your expert, to express my opinion. But– just as I said in the beginning – eventually you are responsible for determining the foreign policy, and your views are enforced. But I believe that it is my duty [to express my opinion]. And if don’t do that, I haven’t fulfilled my duty. And I should express my opinion. He told me then – and it has been proved to me several times since then – that ‘if you are sure that your view is 180 degrees different from me, it is your duty to tell me.’

–it means that just as you said in previous questions, you have two roles: as emulator and as mujtahid.

[Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran’s foreign policy is determined by the supreme leader Ali Khamenei.]

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