Washington has ‘Iran-phobia’!

The head of the Iranian military has once again insulted Arab leaders, along with the US and Israel, while slamming the Trump administration’s decision to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terror group and accusing Washington of ‘Iran-phobia’ and ‘wicked games’.

 Speaking to an Iranian state TV news reporter on Thursday, General Mohamed Bagheri, the Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, slammed the US for “designating the IRGC alongside terrorist groups, and [condemning] our missiles produced for defending this nation, for defending our land. We have no intention of waging an invasion on anyone.  Now they are creating Iran-phobia and talking excessively about our missile program.All of our missiles are produced in this country; how, let America come and impose sanctions on us, or withhold items from us or play some kind of wicket games with us. Nothing will happen by the grace of God. Certainly, we must say that US enmity towards us has not only not decreased but is increasing day by day.  The fact is, if they don’t take action against us it’s because they’re unable to do so and don’t consider it to be in their interest too to carry out military operations [against Iran].  Zionist security is a principle for them; controlling the important waterways of the Middle East region is a principle for them; dominating the most attractive markets in the region is a principle for them; retaining the reactionary rulers [a reference to the leaders of the Arab Gulf countries] and Bedouin tribal governments which are worshippers of America is a principle for them.”

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