The most corrupt Sardar

–The first Sardar to become the mayor of the capital, the first Sardar to become parliament speaker, and the first IRGC commander to become head of one of the three branches.

–The name of IRGC commander Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf is of course tied with large-scale cases of economic corruption and crackdown on protesters.

–The first case of big economic corruption goes back to 15 years ago and his business with big smugglers of narcotic drugs and fuel.

–Ghalibaf was supposed to help release the smugglers and they were supposed to help his election headquarters.

–During the election debates, Hassan Rouhani used this case as his campaign propaganda against Ghalibaf.

–The next case of extensive corruption was in Tehran municipality that was disclosed by Yashar Soltani, the manager of Memarnews website.

–But neither of these cases or the case of 60 bn toman corruption by Imam Reza charity foundation or the case of 10-trillion-toman corruption in Tehran municipality could bring down the fellow-townsman and friend of Ayatollah Khamenei.

–And now this encyclopedia of economic corruption is on top of the legislative branch of the Islamic Republic.

Welcome to the house of corruption!

Date of monitoring: 01/06/2020

Source: Roozaneh

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