Thanks to Vali-e Faqih, the Islamic Republic cannot be defeated!

–Because you have vali-e faqih [the supreme leader] because you have the extension of the prophecy and imamate in the name of the vali-e faqih, no enemy can [defeat you]. It has been 40 years that America and Israel are seeking to overthrow Iran. They have failed. Six presidents have been changed in America, but they could not do a damn thing. This is the meaning of the Quran’s verse: the enemy has given up the hope of overcoming you. Why? Because you have the blessing of velayat. In so far as people stand by velayat, the enemy cannot do a damn thing. Moreover, the verse continues, and God says, Do not be afraid of the enemy, be afraid of me! God says, be afraid of me, but there is a point. If you do not show gratitude for the blessing of velayat, I will torture you in such a way the like of which no one has ever heard of or seen. If the Islamic Republic is the safest country, it is because of the blessing of velayat. If the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic is at its peak, it is thanks to velayat. It is no joke. Mr. Putin is the president of a superpower and sits with vanity. However, in front of the vali-e faqih, he sits on his knees. He knows who is sitting in front of him!  

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