Rouhani threatens leaders of 4+1 over return of arms sanctions

Hassan Rouhani: So, therefore, as for what Americans are saying now about arms sanctions, they should know that it is an inseparable part of the JCPOA. And if arms sanctions are to return someday — under any name or expression or mechanism – our response will be what I wrote in the last paragraph of the letter to the leaders [of 4+1]. The leaders know very well what our response will be that day. In the letter that I wrote to the leaders of 4+1, in the last paragraph I emphasized that if this happens, we are going to do. They know that if they make such a mistake, what grave consequences it will have for them. And what a historical failure awaits them.

[Following the US attempt to stop lifting of arms sanction against Iran, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani says he has threatened the leaders of 4+1 of what Iran will do in that case.]

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