Rouhani slammed for recent protests

[Following the recent protests all over Iran against the tripling of gasoline price, MP Mohammad Golmoradi says all the casualties and damages are on Iranian president Hassan Rouhani.]

MP Mohammad Golmoradi: Mr. Rouhani, people’s question from you is, is there anything that the damned, dishonorable Shah did which you have not done so far? Moreover, haven’t you done all the things that he did which made us do a revolution?

–Make your language appropriate.

MP Mohammad Golmoradi: My language is appropriate. What I say is what the people are saying. Please do not trifle with the regime’s existence. Do not harm the security of the country. Mr. Rouhani, you have the most security background among the presidents of the Islamic Republic in the past 40 years. Your behaviors are suspicious and doubtful. The traffic cameras were destroyed by the rioters, based on what you said in your message in the cabinet meeting. And then you said in the cabinet that “we had predicted more damages.” Why the date of implementing the plan [to raise the fuel price] was clear for the foreigners, but not for the people and the parliament? Mr. Vaezi, with his questionable background, says that IRIB should apologize in this regard. Two months before the recent crisis, Lebanese Hezbollah said that some incidents were going to take place [in Iran]. Two months ago, Hashd Al Shaabi sent a message to us that Americans were giving training and handing out weapons in Iraq. A few weeks ago, Erdogan announced the message of Turkey’s intelligence service about future riots in Iran. Mr. Rouhani has said in a meeting, “why give subsidies? Whoever has a car should pay for the gasoline, and whoever cannot do it, that is his fault!” Dr. Rouhani, you should not gain income by raising the prices of goods. We must solve the problem of income in the country. Mr. Rouhani, damages to people’s and government’s properties, the blood that was shed, weakening the national security, allowing MEK and monarchists, and disturbing the people’s minds – all these are on you. This is what the people say.

Date of monitoring: 27/11/2019

Source: Nazar, Recorded Voice

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