Rouhani knew Iranian hardliners would throw shoes at him, if he took Trump’s call

[Iranian president Hassan Rouhani says he knew Iranian hardliners wouldn’t be pleased with his phone call with former US president Barrack Obama in New York.]

Hassan Rouhani: Our government didn’t want to shirk a tough responsibility. We have never shirked [our responsibility]. We knew how tough some affairs are. I knew that if I took the phone call of the US president in New York, then some hardliners would throw shows at me at Mehrabad Airport. I knew all that. But I accepted it. That didn’t matter to me. What was important for me was to satisfy my conscience, and be committed to my pledge to the people. And I was committed to my pledge. Under those circumstances, we created peace in the country. Again, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and American extremists tricked Trump. Trump was deceived over the JCPOA. They told him that “if you pull out of the JCPOA and impose maximum sanctions on Iran, Iranian establishment will collapse. And then you will be the biggest victor in history because after 41 years, you were the president who broke Iran.”

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