Rouhani downplays Coronavirus in Iran!

[While Coronavirus has taken many lives in Iran, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani tries to downplay it and calls it a virus like flu.]

Hassan Rouhani: More important than the Coronavirus is the virus of fear and anxiety and doubt and distrust among the people. We shouldn’t create fear in people, we shouldn’t create panic in people, we shouldn’t create anxiety. This is just a virus. Flu virus comes every year and kills people. In recent years in America, the statistics show that between 12,000 people to more than 100,000 people in different years. Different kinds of flu come, and some lose their lives. Casualties of Coronavirus is not more than Flu, according to physicians. And last night the experts said the same thing. Of course, the way it spreads can be different. So the experts must come and tell the realities to the people and make explanation to the people. People’s fear and anxiety must be within reason. When it is more than enough, it is dangerous and it can create other problems.

Date of monitoring: 01/03/2020

Source: IRIB News

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