Protesters must be tortured to death and cutting off their hands and feet!

[Abulfazl Pourbahram, expert of Quranic sciences on Iran state TV, IRIB, called the recent protesters “enemies of God,” calling for torturing them to death and cutting off their hands and feet. 143 people were reportedly killed, and about 7000 are in detention.]

Abulfazl Pourbahram: Tomorrow, no one can accuse me. If I do not say it, I have betrayed the Quran. The Quran must be translated correctly. It does not say ‘kill them,’ it says ‘torture them to death.’ They must be tortured to death, not killed. This is the verse. Moreover, our great scholars are familiar with interpretation. They can advise me if I am translating it incorrectly. They must be tortured to death, hanged, and their hands and feet must be cut off. If one of these is enforced, the next ones who are marinated [getting ready for the next protests] would not dare to come to the streets. This must be done public, and they must be executed or punished at the crime scene. Right?

Host: Right.

Abulfazl Pourbahram: Then it says how it should be cut off: right hand with left foot. The four fingers of the right hand and the four fingers of the left foot. And then they should be released into society. And then they should be sent into exile. Not to Shiraz, whose weather is good. They should be sent to the sea – on a dingy ship. They should live there until they die.

Host: This is what is meant by sending to exile?

Abulfazl Pourbahram: Yes. By the way, let me tell our friends – may God keep Mr. Raisi for us – I do not like it and do not think it is appropriate when they say they [the protesters] were a bunch of youths who became emotional so that they can be discharged. No! If they became emotional, why didn’t they become emotional to the advantage of the establishment? If we just advised them, they would kill us just a couple of days ago. This is who they are! There should not be any emotion. God’s order must be implemented.

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