President Rouhani Announces Drive-thru Plans for Quds Day

[Iranian president Hassan Rouhani announces that due to coronavirus outbreak, people will participate in Quds Day rally in Tehran while driving in their cars.] 

Rouhani: Two decisions were made for the Quds Day – which is the last Friday of Ramadan, namely, this week. The first decision was for the cities which are announced to be in white conditions [in terms of coronavirus]: We say there are 218 cities. Although strictly speaking, there are 183 cities, as they say. But if not strictly speaking, there are 218 counties. In these 218 counties where Friday prayers are also held, we can obviously hold the Quds Day ceremonies as well. The Quds Day ceremonies are like those of Friday prayers; namely, people assemble, a resolution is read, the Friday prayer imam delivers a speech and sometimes another lecturer gives a talk before the sermons. Therefore, the Quds Day ceremonies can be held by observing all health protocols, not as a march, but as an assembly in the place where Friday prayers are held in the cities which are actually in white conditions. For Tehran, however, a special directive was posed in the meeting, considering that Tehran is in red conditions and Friday prayers are not held in it. As Tehran is the capital and center of the country, it is somewhat hard not to hold any ceremonies there, no matter even if the [national] TV and cyberspace compensate for it. It was decided that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps take the responsibility in this regard. It was decided that there could be a movement by vehicles — a sort of promotional and mobilizing movement — in which vehicles can move from an origin to a destination. In vehicles, certain hymns can be broadcast, and certain flags can be held in hands. And the vehicles can be guided in a route where there are no people’s assemblies, so there would be no health problems. This would be a symbolic ceremony by vehicles, God willing. And this responsibility has been given to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps for this year’s Quds Day.

Date of monitoring: 16/05/2020

Source: IRIB Channel One

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