People’s stock market shares selling process is available

[Iranian president Hassan Rouhani promises that Iranian people can easily sell their “saham-e edalat” (justice shares). Justice shares are a kind of subsidies given to people by the 9th government.]

Hassan Rouhani: All people – all 50 million people – should know that they have two options. If they want to sell their stock market shares and get the money because they need it, they can say it today that they want to do so. The mechanism will be easily available for selling it, so that the shares are sold, and the money will be deposited in their accounts. Some might say that they don’t need the money now, so they might want to get its annual benefits. And if they need to, they might sell it in future. These two are the only options. We should let people know this.

Date of monitoring: 06/05/2020

Source: IRIB Channel One

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