Official Shia cleric: Hezbollah, Hashd al Shaabi, Ansar Allah prepare the grounds for emergence of Imam Zaman and there should be bloodshed

Alireza Panahian: This was the view of Imam Sadegh, too. At that time, some said that when Imam Mahdi – the last Imam – emerges, not even a single drop of blood will be shed, and he will resolve the issues in world with his power. When Imam Sadegh heard this, he was really upset. He said there won’t be any emergence, unless due to conflicts, the blood on your forehead is dried with you sweat. And you don’t have time to wash it, so you clean it with your sleeves. He said there won’t be any emergence [of Imam Zaman], unless after such things have happened. Would it be possible not to have conflicts between the fronts of right and wrong? The conflict that you see in the region and the front of right became victorious. The conflict in holy war [between Iran and Iraq] and the front of right became victorious. It shows that a serious conflict will take place between right and wrong. And emergence of Imam Zaman will follow the same rule. If the emergence is not with miracle and it needs preparations, then what should we tell ourselves? We should say if before the emergence of Imam Zaman, we don’t need any governments, then the Islamic Republic, paramilitary groups that are shaped in the region, Lebanese Hezbollah, Hash al Shaabi and Jeish al Shaabi that have gained power in the region, and Yemeni forces [will take place] who have gained power – they should all put their arms down, and not gain power until the emergence of Imam Zaman takes place. And what should we say then? We should say that when Imam Zaman comes, he will start from the scratch, and will go all the way we have gone – i.e. he will form Basij forces, there are preliminary conflicts, he will organize forces, train the forces, so that he can form his government.

Host: If his life isn’t endangered!

Alireza Panahian: This is impossible to imagine. We must create some security. In the beginning of the revolution, in order to create security for Imam Khomeini who was a source of imitation and a religious figure and the leader of a revolution in a country, committees were formed, and youths went to military bases to get arms. It didn’t happen peacefully. In Bahman 22, preparations were made. In [Shia] traditions, it is said that Imam Zaman will do everything rapidly. In 8 months, he will create peace in the region. Now put these 8 months along with 8-year holy war [between Iran and Iraq]. Now put these 8 months that is said about Imam Zaman next to the several years in which there were conflicts with terrorists in the region. He will create peace in the region in 8 months. This needs preparation beforehand. We shouldn’t analyze the emergence of Imam Zaman irrationally. So the fact that the front of right should become powerful before the emergence of Imam Zaman is a serious matter.

[Official Shia cleric Alireza Panahian reasons why there should be bloodshed in the region to prepare the ground for emergence of Shia Imam Zaman.]

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