New strategic weapons

HASSAN ROUHANI: These curses and insults of a few limited number of people are due to fruitful efforts and endeavors for the country. Do you think that if someone wants to create a change in this country, Americans will let him do it quietly? Or the Israelis would let him do it quietly? Or some hostile countries of the region will not hurt him,

and will let him do it quietly? We should prepare ourselves for all difficulties. For us, the country is the goal. For us, the Iranian nation is the goal. For us, the national interest is the goal. For us, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the goal.

Yes, we have enemies, in the region and outside the region. We must move together. We must cooperate with each other. We are a great nation. We are a devoted nation. As a nation, we have not only stood on our feet against the difficulties but helped the peoples of the region. Under the most difficult conditions, we helped the Iraqi people –

under the most difficult economic conditions of the government. When we say helping the Iraqi people, some think that it is only sacrificing lives, and some people have sacrificed their own lives. That is right. Some people make sacrifices with their own lives, and we must appreciate it.

But who provides their salaries? Who provides their weapons? Who provided all the weapons that Iraq needed for fighting ISIS? Who paid for it under sanctions? Who paid the money under sanctions for the things that Syrian people needed? We hear that a missile was launched from our soil and targeted one of the terrorist centers.

That is right. Those who launched this missile put in a lot of efforts, and made sacrifices. But who built the missile? It is the government that built this missile. It is the Defense Ministry that builds this missile. Who pays the money for it? It is the country’s economic sector that provides its money.

There was a huge accomplishment in the 11th government. Once our Defense Minister announced that strategic weapons that have been built in the 11th government are equal to 80% of all the weapons that were built in previous governments. This is a huge accomplishment. But in some parts, we don’t find it very necessary to give some explanations and make some clarifications for people.

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