Mousavi calls Iran-China document honorable

[As Iran and China are going to sign a cooperation document whose details have not been announced, there have been speculations on the nature of the document, with many calling it a dishonorable colonial contract for Iran. Iran foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi tries to undermine these concerns by calling the document honorable and to advantage of both Iran and China.]

Abbas Mousavi: All speculations are wrong. I feel that this document is in a way that it can be published fully in future. There are political and economic dimensions in this document and I think it can be published when it is finalized by both governments of Iran and China – it is just a draft now. There is no ambiguity in it. Obviously, the enemies of close strategic relations between Iran and China are trying to create negative atmosphere and ruin this relationship. So let me tell them and you that this document is honorable and is to the advantage of both countries. And when it is published all will see its details.

Date of monitoring: 01/07/2020

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