Mehdi Taeb: If you want to free the House of God [Mecca], Israel must be destroyed.

Mehdi Taeb: We want to prepare the ground for emergence of Imam Zaman. What should we do? The place next to House of God [Mecca] must become safe for Imam Zaman. The Non-Aligned Movement Summit was in Iran during Ahmadinejad. At that time, Abdullah was the king of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, brother to bin Salman. He went to see the supreme leader. He was very impressed [by him] and said you should come to Mecca. The supreme leader said: Thanks! I will come, but there is one condition: I will say one Friday prayer in Masjid al-Haram. He [King Abdullah] said that wasn’t possible. The Friday prayer leader should send greeting to Wali al-Amr. If you say the prayer there, who will you send the greeting to? “May God protect our leader, Imam Zaman!” The representative [the supreme leader] of Wali al-Amr can send his greeting to him beside the House of God when it is safe there. The message is: it is safe here, you can come. When he comes, we won’t exist any longer. Our relationship with him is like jinn and the name of God. Al-Saud is the strongest supporter of Israel in this region. Don’t look at this, look at that! If you want to free the House of God [Mecca], Israel must be destroyed. Imam [Khomeini] said: Israel must be destroyed! Everything was a mess back then. Nothing was in its place. The army wasn’t in this place; there was no IRGC; no industry. Nothing. They understood what he [Khomeini] was saying. So what did they do? First, terrorism. They assassinated 17,000 people. Then, war. They invaded Iran. 180,000 people were martyred. Economic siege. Cultural invasion. Anyway, 40 years passed. After 40 years, the enemies opened their eyes and saw that when he [Khomeini] said it, they [the Islamic Republic] were 2300 kilometers away from Al-Quds. Now, their distance is 150 kilometers! They are present in Iraq; they are present in Syria. For the first step, they have moved 2150 kilometers forward. What is the destination? House of God. What is the way there? Collapse of Israel! What is the distance now? 150 kilometers. Where are you now? In the margin. Which force can make you return? Who is going to fight you? England? The entire world objected to it; they said why has Iran taken our ship? Idiots! The supreme leader told you that the time of hit and run is over. You took our ship; you can be sure that if you don’t release it, our harbor will be the parking lot of the British ships! Right now, they have taken two of your ships, and you can’t do a damn thing about it!

Mehdi Taeb: You have blinded their eye. That drone was their eye. It used to fly over Russia, and they didn’t see it. It flew over Beijing, and they didn’t see it. When you downed it, the news agency of Russia’s defense ministry said that in order to target this drone, Iran must have achieved a secret, fearsome, complicated weapon. We must study Iran once again. Mr. Trump said: Iran, thank you very much for not targeting the aircraft with passengers! And this is their big one! Who wants to invade us?

[“Israel will not see 25 years from now,” Ali Khamenei (September 9, 2015)

21 years and 6 months to destruction of Israel.]

[Mehdi Taeb, head of Ammar strategic headquarters and brother to Hossein Taeb (head of IRGC intelligence office, talks about destroying Israel and taking Mecca. The Islamic Republic is accused of destabilizing the region.]

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