Lawmaker on huge budget deficit in Iran

Mahmoud Sadeghi: As for selling oil, the US president has set the goal of zeroing . And in fact, they have achieved this goal. It means that our official oil trade has reached zero. What is happening is unofficial through sidestepping the sanctions. So we are not selling oil officially, except for little exemptions in this regard. And it is predicted that 40 to 50 thousand billion tomans will be obtained through selling oil in 2020-2021. And consequently, there will be 150 thousand billion tomans budget deficit. The entire budget is 400 to 450 thousand billion tomans. It is predicted that we will have budget deficit next year. This will be effective. It is called cutting dependence on oil – reducing dependence on oil so that we should change this threat into an opportunity and we can reduce our dependence on oil. I am aware of this issue: The Tuesday before the weekend’s protests [over raising the gasoline price], Mr. Larijani tried to raise the issue in the parliament’s closed session. He asked about Mr. Mesri’s second suggestion. Everyone started shouting and the discussions didn’t reach any conclusion. So the lawmakers were just like people. Perhaps, some know about it [raising the gasoline price], but the parliament didn’t know about it. These incidents took place all of a sudden. If you recall, in May the same decision was made. But one of the news agencies disclosed it and it wasn’t implemented. But this time all news agencies were seriously warned by National Security Council that no one is allowed to say anything in this regard. And the plan was implemented all of a sudden. All here are educated and academics. I do predict that the price of other fuels too may increase in the budget. The budget’s resources don’t seem to be adequate. 

[Tehran MP Mahmoud Sadeghi talks about the next year’s budget deficit, as the US has succeeded in zeroing Iran’s selling oil. He also predicts raising the price of other fuels in future for the same reason.]

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