Khamenei’s relationship with Soviet Russia’s KGB

[Mohsen Rezaee, secretary of Expediency Discernment Council, says Soviet Russia’s KGB was in contact with Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei in the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.]

Mohsen Rezaee: In the beginning of the revolution, these guys from Soviet Russia – at that time I was in charge of IRGC’s intelligence office – came and said that the monarchists are ready in Turkey and want to attack Iran. I think once the Russian ambassador had gone to the supreme leader. The supreme leader called for me and said, listen to what they are saying – what they are saying seems illogical. I went and saw that they have very good intelligence. It was still KGB at that time. They said we have accurate intelligence that monarchists have gathered in Ankara and are planning an attack against Iran; we just wanted to tell you about that. Later it became clear that they were right, but it wasn’t as big as they said it would be.

Date of monitoring: 12/05/2020

Source: IRIB News

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