‘Khamenei knew about the Houthi crisis before it happened’, says Iranian regime official.

A senior Iranian regime official stated in a speech last week that Iran’s Supreme Leader was planning for the Houthi crisis long before it happened.  

Mehdi Tayeb, the head of the regime’s Amariyoun cyber-intelligence unit, can be seen in this footage, during the speech delivered on April 16 to supporters in Tehran, which was uploaded to the ‘Line 57’ website and published on their ‘Telegram’ page.

 In the speech, Tayeb said, “Our winning strategy to confront the enemy is the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.  In terms of data systems, we are behind the enemy [the USA].  Our data system has no links with any global data system.  Our data system is not coordinated with Pakistan or Turkey or any other country; they will not allow us to be involved in such areas at all, while the data and intelligence systems of Turkey are coordinated with Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Thus, we have been unable to infiltrate into the inner layers of their data and find out what they are seeking to do .  Be aware that any country engaged in operations which falls behind in terms of data or intelligence systems, that country will be hit first.  However, the enemy will look and see that they have never been able to land the first blow on us. The enemy will look at us and see all the times that our actions were carried out in a timely manner. What is the reason for this?  The reason is that the intelligence system of the Supreme Leader is unwavering, while he  laughs and says, wonderingly, does the intelligence system of the Supreme Leader have ups and downs?!  We could not work with fluctuating data. 

Ten years ago, the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps] used to act as a coastguard service with the Marine Corps lax and floating low in the water because of the heavy equipment they were carrying.  Armed forces were focusing on the Persian Gulf [Arabian Gulf] and sometimes moving around the Oman Sea.  Suddenly, the Supreme Leader ordered that the IRGC’s Marine Forces take control over the Persian Gulf and that the armed naval forces go to the Oman Sea in the future in a radius of ten degrees from the Bab-el-Mandab Strait.  Our friends in the Marine Forces of the IRGC said, ‘In order for us to take control over the Persian Gulf we need to be able to transport heavy equipment in these waters.’ The Supreme Leader told them, ‘Well, go and make provisions for that.’  The IRGC said, ‘Well, what should we do at the present time since we only have light equipment?’  He answered them, ‘Wait till the equipment is prepared.’

“The Armed Naval Forces also asked the Supreme Leader, ‘Why don’t we have a naval dock?’  He answered them, ‘Well go and build it.’ Then they asked him, ‘What can we do now?’ He told them, ‘Go and move around as much as possible in the Gulf till the naval dock is prepared.’  Then, they pushed and jumped into the Gulf.

“Our friends in the Armed Naval Forces, when they first went to the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, they really didn’t know why they’d gone there or what they should do there.  Well, they went there and they were out of a job and idle, except for catching thieves [fishermen fishing illegally in the area], catching this one and that one. Then they said to themselves, ‘Well it’s not the job of the Armed Naval Forces to catch thieves.’  After the passage of eight months or almost a year ago, the Armed Naval Forces understood why the Supreme Leader had sent them to the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, saying to themselves, ‘Oh now we’ve got it, why he sent us here’ [indirectly implying that they were sent there to support the Houthi militias in Yemen]. 

Before the developments occurred in Yemen, the Supreme Leader was aware of it and that’s why he ordered the naval forces to be there. At that time, there was nobody there who was sensitive to our naval forces’ presence. The young Iranians of Hussein [Imam Hussein] said, ‘If our naval forces weren’t in the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait, then the American naval forces would be disembarking in Yemeni territories and would inflict heavy losses in the Yemeni battle’ [against Houthi militias  You know that Americans wanted to go there, and the Supreme Leader said, ‘If they go and you also go, the Americans will land there and you will land there.’ Then the Americans asked us, ‘Where are you going?’  We told them, ‘We are going to Yemen.’  He [Khamenei] added, ‘We said to the Americans, “We going there because we have an invitation.”  The Americans asked us, “From whom do you have an invitation?   We Americans have an invitation from Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi [the elected president of Yemen].” Then we answered them, “We have also been invited by the Houthi leader.”’   Ultimately, the Americans did not go there because Americans know very well that when we set foot in a territory we will never leave it. The Americans said that if we Iranians went there then the Iranians would kick us out of Yemen.  Well, our Supreme Leader was aware of all these expectations.”

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