Khamenei calls protesting people “miscreants”

Ali Khamenei: No one should help the miscreants. Any wise, worthy person who is interested in his country and his comfortable life shouldn’t help them. They are miscreants. This is not the doings of ordinary people. And officials must be careful to do whatever they can to decrease the problems. Yesterday I saw it on TV that some respectful officials said we are careful that increase in gas price would not result in increase in prices of other goods. Of course, this is important. That is because the prices are high. If the prices go up again, that creates many problems for the people. They should be careful in this regard. They should take care of these issues. The officials in charge of country’s security must do their duties. Our dear people, who have shown their wisdom and awareness in different issues in the country, must know who is behind these bitter events: Who is setting fire [to properties], destroying, ruining, scuffling, creating insecurity? They must understand and pay attention to this. And they do understand this and distance themselves from them. This is my advice. The country’s officials must fulfill their duties seriously. When a decision is made by the heads of branches, it is not about the government or a ministry. The heads of branches have made a decision which relies on expertise. As I said I am not an expert in this regard. But as an individual I can see that the officials have made a decision. It was the same during Imam [Khomeini’s] time. Heads of three branches made a decision and it was implemented. It is the same now. We hope that, God willing, with help of people and synergy of the officials and their compassion and follow up and with God’s grace, this task will be fulfilled as best as possible.

[Following the nationwide protests in Iran against significant increase in gas price, Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei calls protesting people “miscreants” and announces his support for the plan to raise the price of gas.]

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