Khamenei backs plan to raise fuel price

Ali Khamenei: In past couple of days, some events took place in some cities following a ratification by the heads of branches – yesterday, last night, and the night before last. And unfortunately, some problems were created. Some were killed, and some centers were destroyed. Such things took place in these two days. Some points must be taken into account. First off, when something is ratified by heads of branches of the country, one must look at it optimistically. I am not an expert in this regard; I have no expertise in this regard. I told the heads of branches that experts have different views about the issue of gas – some call it necessary and some call it harmful – and I am not an expert in this regard. I said I am not an expert, but if the heads of three branches make a decision in this regard, I will back it. I said it, and I do back it. Relying on experts’ views, the heads of branches have made a decision for the country, and it must be enforced. That is the first point. The other point is that certainly some people become worried or upset because of this decision – it is either to their loss or they imagine it is to their loss. Anyhow, they become dissatisfied. But setting fire to this or that bank is not people’s doings. This is the miscreants’ doings. This must be taken into account. In such events, usually miscreants, the resentful, the misfits enter the scene. Sometimes, some youths – with a sense of excitement – get along with them and create such destructions. Such destructions will not solve any problems, except adding insecurity to other problems. Insecurity is the biggest disaster for any country or any society. This is what they have in mind. Take a look at past two days – two nights and one day. All centers of miscreants in the world against us have spurred such incidents – from ominous, evil family of Pahlavi to the evil, criminal MEK. In the cyberspace and other places, they are constantly spurring such evil actions.

[Following popular protests all over Iran against raising fuel prices, Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei backs the plan for increasing fuel prices, calling the protesters “miscreants”.]

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