Just in Iran, coronavirus disease has no danger!

[With outbreak of coronavirus disease in Iran, Iranian state TV uses experts to downplay its dangers.]

Pulmonologist: I work in ICU. In ICU, patients who need intensive and 24-hour care are kept. And those who are infected with serious coronavirus respiratory infection are kept. This place is where it is most dangerous. Those with serious respiratory problems have the highest rate of mortality. Healthy carriers – even if you and I are infected – we are not dangerous. Those who have respiratory infection are dangerous. In ICU, I visit the patients without observing the personal safety which is not that complicate. I greet them just like everybody else. I calm them, I give the morale. If they are feeling bad and need respiratory support, I will place a pipe for them and create an artificial pipe to their lungs, and connect them to the machines. It means that my colleagues and I have to face the most respiratory dangers. But thank God, I am here healthy and safe.

Host: So you don’t have any worries in this regard?  Do you test yourself every now and then?

Pulmonologist: I haven’t tested myself at all. And I won’t do it. Now my friends, colleagues, and my family will probably say why I haven’t told them about it! I think many of my colleagues and I have taken it as a simple cold. And we are good. Let me tell you now that there is shortage of masks and gloves, I don’t think everybody has to wear mask.

Date of monitoring: 01/03/2020

Source: IRINN

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