Israel will be “obliterated” with 100,000 missiles

In this speech delivered after the Friday prayers on 1 2016, Al-Quds Day, General Hossein Salami, the Deputy Commander of Iran’s ‘Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) brags that Iran has 100,000 missiles ready to fire at Israel.

In the speech, Gen. Salami threatens to use its arsenal to “obliterate” Israel, apparently forgetting or simply not caring that this would also mean obliterating Palestine.

Before Salami begins his speech, the regime officials and supporters gathered for the sermon chant the traditional slogans, Sala’llah Muhammad” [God’s prayers for Mohammed], express their wishes for the return of Imam Khomeini, chant that Israel will be destroyed, and issue the standard calls for death to Israel and the USA.

The text in front of the podium where Salami makes his speech reads, ‘Israel must be eradicated from the passage of time.’

Gen. Salami begins his speech by saying: “In Lebanon alone we have more than 100,000 missiles set up, standing ready to be fired whenever it is deemed to be timely, and if the Zionist regime wants, with its false calculations, to once again repeat the same mistakes it made in the past, these missiles will break through the chest of the sky and will fall and hit the heart of the Zionist regime. In addition, there are tens of thousands more long-range missiles with the desired destructive capacity and extensive precision in targeting which are planted at sites in locations across the Islamic world just waiting for the decision to pull the trigger so as to eliminate forever that malevolent black location from the political geography of the world. The obliteration and dissolution of Israel’s capabilities are also formed on the ground as the Zionist regime lacks the strategic defensive depth; this regime has no strategic depth of defense. A regime that in some parts of its entity is 14 or 24 kilometers wide, with one attack on the ground its back will be broken.”

At this stage, the regime supporters reprise their traditional chant: “Death to Israel, death to America.”

Gen. Salami continues: “I also warn these regimes [the USA, Israel] and also warn those political officials in northern Iraq [the Iraqi Kurdistan region] that they should be committed to meeting their obligations, otherwise we will target any location that poses any source of threat against our Islamic regime; with no warning we will decisively destroy it.”

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