Islamic Republic’s theorist: We want to conquer the world with military power!

Rahimpour Azghadi: With military power and with jihadi operations, we will make justice, truth and Towhid universal. How come you [America] can, but we can’t? I am surprised at those who say that we have to do it secretly and say that we just have to pray for the Muslims. What does that mean? It is a pity I don’t have time to go over Imam [Khomeini’s] message. You must have read it hundred times. I have brought it here to read from it for you. But there is no time left. It says emphatically, ‘here is the place for all revolutionaries’. It is your second home and we are standing by this. We want to overthrow all governments. We want to conquer all the key places in the world. And we are ready for that.

[Rahimpour Azghadi, Islamic Republic’s theorist and a member of Iran’s Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, says that the Islamic Republic is after “conquering the world with military power”.]

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