IRIB pundit: Yemen is of vital interest for Saudi Arabia

Dr. Omid Vofoghi: That is because Yemen is of vital interest for Saudi Arabia. Vital interest is like a vein for human beings. When your vein is jeopardized, you do everything to save your life. Saudi Arabia knows that if Yemen and Ansar Allah gain power, it becomes something like Lebanese Hezbollah that is right next to Israel and makes threats against Israel every day. That is why it [Saudi Arabia] is trying to destroy the movement that has flourished in Yemen and is running the country as a government. So it uses all its capacities. Why? Because Saudi Arabia’s existence depends on Yemen’s weakness. It has been so throughout the history, and during different Saudi kings.

[Iranian state TV pundit Dr. Omid Vofoghi says Yemen is of vital interest for Saudis, which is why they will do everything to destroy Ansar Allah in Yemen. Iran helps Ansar Allah militarily and financially.]

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