IRIB pundit: Neighboring countries must decide on their relations with the Islamic Republic

IRIB pundit: Neighboring countries must decide on their relations with the Islamic Republic

–Not to be in need of others. Qataris were in charge of Syria for three years. They spent most of the money and dollars there. But when they started to have differences with Saudis, the Islamic Republic was the first country that announced we will provide the food items that you need, and we will allow your airplanes to fly in our airspace and in our air corridors. Every day, 150 flights landed in Doha, and the Islamic Republic gave them this permission. Immediately, not big ships but big wooden boats – the ones that are used in southern ports – took the food items [to Qatar]. And there were other issues as well. Of course, we have grievances against some institutions that should have acted more quickly.

Host: This opportunity was not used very well.

–That is right. But our honesty towards our neighbors is fully proved. So I want to say that they have to. But I was talking about Ansar Allah. After Ansar Allah’s victories in drone field, Emirates thought that such incidents might happen in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi. So they started – in your words – to show some attention to the Islamic Republic. And for example, they opened a couple of currency exchange services. And the Islamic Republic acted thoughtfully but cautiously in this regard. I do remember that in one your programs in those early days, I did tell you that we shouldn’t be in a rush to think that Emirate has stepped out of Yemen. No! That wasn’t and isn’t true. In incidents that took place in Yemen and Socotra in past couple of days, Emirates’ hypocrisy was fully revealed. It seems to me that what you mentioned about signals as to having relations with the Islamic Republic, was because they felt that Americans cannot give them the necessary support. Why? Because these countries by nature cling to bigger countries. When those things happened to Americans, they got closer to the Islamic Republic. But we do expect that with all measures taken by the Islamic Republic for its neighbors, they should sooner make their decisions in this regard.

[Iran state TV (IRIB) pundit talks about Iran’s relations with its neighbors, saying that they should make their decisions as to relations with the Islamic Republic.]

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