IRIB cleric: Israel use jinn to access intelligence!

–A part of it is jinn. This [jinn] exists in the heart and mind, and it comes and goes. It [jinn] is aware of our mind. Of course, it cannot access all information. I will explain that Israel too has wanted to use these powers and penetrate the intelligence systems of Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas. But it failed. They are confused as to what is wrong. Because as you know, the Jews have a long history in magic and relation with jinn. And they have extensive relations with jinn. And Israel uses these powers. And now they are wondering how come they are not able to access proper, useful intelligence. Some human beings go a long way to face jinn – to physically face jinn.

[Following Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei saying that Iran has jinn enemies, a cleric claims that Israelis use jinn to access intelligence.]

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