IRGC chief commander threatens US commanders

Hossein Salami: First off, those who threaten our commanders with assassination, if they stay alive, they will regret saying such things. Americans, Zionists, and others must know that if they threaten our commanders, none of their commanders will find a safe place. It means that their commanders’ lives will not be safe, if they threaten our commanders, or threaten with assassination, or if they take such a measure. They must be careful about what they do. If they want to continue this game, our responses will be completely different, their scopes will be different too, and they will have to face very new circumstances. And they will not be capable of managing or controlling it. We warn them to retreat from this battlefield.

[IRGC chief commander Hossein Salami threatens that if the US officials keep threatening the Islamic Republic’s commanders with killing and assassination, the US commanders will not be safe anywhere. Brian Hook, US special representative in Iran’s affairs, recently warned that if the new commander of Quds Force follows the same path of Qassem Soleimani in killing Americans, he too will have the same destiny of former commander of this force who was killed by American forces.]

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