IRGC Aerospace Force Commander: US bases are within our missile range

Amir Ali Hajizadeh: This is Iran’ map. These are American bases. Of course, they have created these bases here a long time ago. The bases were created here. An example is Al-Udeid Base in Qatar. It is a large base. These are all American facilities. These are aircrafts. I don’t know if it is clear, but it is a large base. It almost 4km by 6km. Where are all these facilities located? In less than 300km from us. This is Al-Dhafra. Please show Al-Dhafra. This is a base in Emirates. The is the base for fighter jets, cargo planes, and tanker aircrafts. These are facilities that America has gathered here. Take a look at other bases such as Kandahar. It is about 400km from our borders. Take a look. Now let me remind of you of precision missile, with which you can target any location you want to. Now we know where RQ-170 aircrafts are parked in Kandahar. This is the Americans’ situation. This is like meat under our teeth. If they make a move, we will hit them on the head. This is the condition in the region now. Was it like this before? No! Previously, they were a threat for us, but now they are an opportunity. Why don’t they talk about war and attacking us? Because they are vulnerable. This is the Americans’ situation here. Now take a look at the situation with regard to the vessels. Now their fleets come to the region in the Gulf. This distance is very close. Now you have footage of missiles that can target vessels in 300km. We have new missiles with 700km range. They cannot be used in the Gulf. We can use them in Sea of Oman. Now there are at least 40 or 50 airplanes and 6000 forces on an aircraft carrier. Once this was a threat against us. What is their use now? Now they are like bullseye.   

[IRGC Aerospace Force Commander General Amir Ali Hajizadeh talks about how the US bases are within the range of Islamic Republic’s missiles.]

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