Iranian vice president: Worst sanctions ever against Iran during past two years!

Eshaq Jahangiri: These are the most unjust, cruelest, and most violent sanctions that have ever happened in the world. We have been a country that has been dealing with the US sanctions, UN Security Council’s sanctions, the EU’s sanctions during past 40 years. The sanctions of past two years have been different with all sanctions in the world. We cannot talk about issues of sanctions very much. Perhaps even one of the injustices against the current government is that due to national interests and people’s interests, we cannot talk to people transparently about the sanctions and tell them what has happened and what it is we are dealing with. We will certainly tell people at the right time about what Americans have done during this period.

[Iranian Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri calls the US sanctions against Iran “the worst in the world”. Iran’s economy has been severely damaged by these sanctions.]

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