Iranian sociologist predicts that poverty will create a social outburst in Iran.

–Since Dr. Ahmadinejad, theft is done openly. And it has continued and extended ever since that time. Teachers are poor; workers are arrested and flogged just because they are asking for their wages. And those who don’t pay the workers have palaces. It is not right to keep doing bad things and asking people to bear it. Golden signatures have sold the country’s honor. Poverty is due to unfair distribution of wealth. These golden signatures are like a fire in a reed-bed. In a reed-bed where each and every reed had a beautiful sound, there is now only the sound of fire. I pass houses compared to which Shah’s palaces are nothing. Nothing! I am telling you now that someday the poor will set fire to these houses. This social pressure which is making it impossible for the middle class to breathe is the main obstacle in the country’s prosperity. I remember that at the time of revolution, some people poured and confiscated houses and settled in them. They used to say, ‘who says these belong to them [the rich people]?’ It is evident for me that some will confiscate these places once again. As a sociologist, I can see that the pressure is being accumulated.

Date of monitoring: 30/05/2020

Source: IRIB

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