Iranian Intelligence Minister: Only Iran dares to stand up to America in the world

Mahmoud Alavi: Today the entire world – without any exceptions – do not dare to say ‘No’ to America. When America tells them not to do business with Iran, they say ‘okay’. There is only one power in the world that dares to say ‘No’, and that is the Islamic Republic and some nations that are getting in line with the Islamic Republic – like Iraqi nation, Syrian nation, Lebanese nation, Yemeni nation, and the nations keep joining [the Islamic Republic]. Eventually, these nations will gather under the umbrella of human dignity of the Islamic Republic’s discourse as a unified hand. And in not too distant future, first their protégé, Zionism, will be thrown into the dustbin of history, and we will God willing see the decline of America with our own eyes.

[Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi claims that the Islamic Republic and its allies are the only ones that dare to stand up against America.]

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