Iranian exchanged prisoner calls America ‘enemy of Iran and Iranians’!

Masoud Soleimani: They are enemies with people. They are really the number one enemy of Iran and Iranians. They are so petty and so mean that when they took me to jail, they said that he had been a terrorist who had come to America for bombing and we have arrested him. So that other prisoners would not get close to me and distance themselves from me. After a while, [the prisoners] told me that you do not look like a terrorist or bomber, what are they saying? I said, I do not know! They are so petty and mean, and you can see their animosity. I said many patients are waiting, and they should be treated [in Iran]. They said, let them die, that is not an issue. It shows that their animosity is with people and Iranians. Other things they say are not right. Why Iran and why Iranians? That is because of scientific progress and the right path. In the message that I sent, I said that when you see that Satan is angry and is doing unwise things because of that, it shows that that path is right. Whenever you see that Satan is angry and making a fuss, you should know that that path is right and is to be continued, and you should not get tired. God willing, we can take our country to right places. 

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