Iranian army’s navy unveils new cruise missiles

Unveiling the new generation of naval cruise missiles in a maritime drill commemorating the martyrs of Konarak frigate. In a combat-technical drill, the Army’s naval forces successfully tested short- and long-range naval cruise missiles – produced by the Defense Ministry – in northern Indian Ocean and Sea of Oman. These coast-to-sea and sea-to-sea missiles with short and long ranges are more advanced than the previous generation in terms of precision and range. Complexities of this drill were also of significance.

Reporter: The sands of Makran coast. Here we have an appointment with the new generation of defenders of Iran – the new generation with new equipment and new weapons.

–Missile is ready for launch.

Reporter: All are ready for a significant drill – surface combat drill called Ramazan Martyrs which will kick off with firing a coast-to-sea missile.

–I announce the beginning of the surface combat drill of Ramazan Martyrs.

Reporter: A missile that is powerful, precise, and with fatal destructive power for enemies of Iran.

–Successful launch of this missile was what we promised to our fellow fighters who got martyred on Konarak frigate. And today we fulfilled our promise.

Reporter: Today, Iran’s long arm in defense becomes longer and more powerful with launching this long-range missile in northern Indian Ocean. The target of this missile is located 280km away in the sea. The capacity of this missile can still be increased. Today’s surface combat drill was in the name of the martyrs of Konarak frigate, and senior commanders of the army were present as well.

–Be sure that wherever you are with this morale and these capabilities, the enemy will never dare to approach us.

–Commander, we are ready!

Reporter: The design and production of the missiles that were tested today in surface combat drill of Ramazan Martyrs were fully done in Iran.

Hossein Khanzadi (commander of the Army’s Naval Forces): Today we tested two products from the extensive range of Defense Ministry’s missiles. These are our new missiles. Some of them are old platforms that have been updated – in terms of range and precision. In fact, the kind of ‘seeker’ that is used in these products which is fully indigenous is more precise and with longer range.

Admiral Habibollah Sayari (Army’s coordinating deputy): Today we are witnessing that all arms systems are domestic productions.

Reporter: Design and production of missiles launched in surface combat drill of Ramazan Martyrs is fully done in Iran.

Sardar Taghizadeh (successor to Defense Minister): Defense Ministry has had synergistic interaction with armed forces including army, IRGC, and law enforcement. Together and shoulder to shoulder, we have been very well able to fully respond to possible threats against the Islamic Republic so far.

Reporter: Emphasis on combat scene in the sea from the coast with preventive missile capacity is one of the complex features of today’s drill.

Reporter: Powerful and glorious Iran! With each testing of these Iranian missiles, Iran’s defense arm becomes longer.

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