Iranian air defense system downed American drone

[Pointing to America’s efforts to ratify arms sanction against Iran in UN Security Council, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani urges that Iran will continue to develop its defense power, no matter what. He also claimed that they could down American drone with Iranian air defense system.]

Hassan Rouhani: With all our capabilities, we will increase our defense power. Americans must know this – whether they do something or not, whether they damage Resolution 2231 or not. They must know that Iran’s defense capability is [our priority] under any circumstances –under tough conditions and under sanctions. It was during past years of sanctions that we designed best air defense system. And it was with this system that we downed American drone. It means that we downed American drone with this Iranian system. So we will develop our defense system.

Date of monitoring: 10/06/2020

Source: IRIB News

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