Iran launches new composite ballistic missiles

Reporter: These are the first images of firing ballistic missiles, Raad 500. It weighs about 2 tons that can strike within 30 meters of the target. Raad 500’s warhead has strong explosive power. The body of this missile is for the first time made from composite of carbon fiber. The production line of Raad 500 was inaugurated with presence of IRGC chief commander and Aerospace commander.

Major General Salami, IRGC chief commander: This is a gift from the IRGC to the great nation of Iran on the verge of 42nd anniversary of victory of the Islamic Revolution. And it makes the enemies of Iran and Islam more hopeless.

Reporter: In Raad 500 ballistic missile, a composite engine called Zohir is used.

Hajizadeh, IRGC Aerospace commander: Because of this type of material, it has become much lighter and with higher capacity. As you can see, the dimensions of this missile are half of Fateh missile. It means that it weighs half of Fateh, but its range is 200km more. As its body is non-metal, its RCS has decreased, which has made it more difficult for the enemy’s anti-missiles.

Reporter: The experts of great powers understand better than others the features of this missile. And from now on, they will sleep even less than before.

Hajizadeh: With this, we have entered a new domain. Our capabilities have increased. Also, producing this type of body is not as complicated as alloy steel. And we can produce it easily in small workshops and even the private sector can help us in this regard.

Reporter: How much do we save on the costs?

Hajizadeh: The cost is halved.

Reporter: This is the first hot testing of Salman space engine, whose production is a generational leap in Iran’s missile technologies.

Hajizadeh: This body is light as it is composite and made of carbon fiber.

Reporter: As such, with mass production of Salman engines, Iran has joined the five countries that have the higher technology of producing such engines.

Hajizadeh: With this, we are entering the domain of satellite carriers with solid fuel, which has many additional achievements for us. It has become light, and as a result, we can produce very tactical and agile surface-to-surface missiles – like Raad 500. We can use this technology in air-defense missiles and in anti-missiles. It means that we don’t have to engage within atmosphere; we can go above the atmosphere to engage with the targets.

Reporter: And today step by step missile defense capability of the country are strong moves to strengthen Iran more and more.

Reporter: Raad 500 missiles with Zohir composite engines and with Salman composite engines which were unveiled today are new achievements which will depict a new identity of the Islamic Republic’s missile capability and authority.

Ali Rajabi, IRIB

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