Iran is ready to meet with Americans immediately, if they lift sanctions!

[Iranian president Hassan Rouhani says Iran is ready to meet with Americans if the US sanctions are lifted.]

Hassan Rouhani: We want to foil this conspiracy and plot and tell the world that we have no problems with having a meeting [with Americans]. That is not true when you think that we are not ready have a meeting. If America lifts the sanctions, we will meet the next hour. So we disarmed them. Everybody said that was a logical thing to say. I said it wouldn’t even take two days. Another country’s president told me that “if sanctions are lifted today, we will plan a meeting for the day after tomorrow”. I said, “no. If it is announced that the sanctions are lifted today, I will have a meeting the next hour. Leaders of P5+1 are in New York, we will get together, have a meeting, and discuss the issues. We have no problems with that.” Thus, we disarmed the Americans. But the Americans said, “No, we first meet, then we will further discuss the sanctions”. It meant that they were having doubts about the intelligence of Iranians and the Iranian nation! We will no longer be tricked. And we don’t want to trick anybody. We want what is right, what is just, what is our people’s rights to be implemented. Right now, the same issues are being discussed, and there are some friends and some countries that are mediating. Let me say it to the Iranian nation that whenever America lifts its wrong, unjust, illegal, terrorist sanctions, leaders of P5+1 can immediately have a meeting. And we have no problems with that.

Date of monitoring: 3/12/2019

Source: IRIB News

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