Iran is ready for prisoner swap with America

[Iranian government spokesperson Ali Rabiei says Iran is ready to start negotiating with the United States over exchanging prisoners.]

Ali Rabiei: It has been a while that we have announced we are ready for exchanging Iranian and American prisoners. Our foreign minister openly announced it and we too have announced it. We have announced that without any preconditions, we are ready to talk about exchanging all prisoners. But America has avoided this issue so far. And we hope that under these circumstances that COVID-19 is threatening the lives of Iranian prisoners in American prisons, the US government will eventually prefer lives of people over politics and will be ready to return to this path. We hereby announce that we hold American government responsible for lives of all Iranian citizens who are away from their families. We have intelligence that shows that Iranian citizens who are in American prisons are not in good conditions and are not taken care of. This is worrying for us. But it seems to us that America is now more ready than before for ending this situation. But we won’t pass the final judgement now. We will pass our judgement when there is felt progress in this issue. The US government has been informed of our readiness for months. And we think that there is no need for any mediator.

Date of monitoring: 11/05/2020

Source: IRIB News

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