Iran has been living in crisis for 40 years

[Famous Iranian actor Reza Kiyanian says that Iranian people have been living in crisis since the Islamic Revolution.]

Reza Kiyanian: 40 years have passed since the revolution. Have we had one good day? Every day there is a new crisis, every day there is a tragedy, every day there is new story, every day there is a new incident. Every day we feel bad. We think it cannot get worse, but it does get worse. I feek sorry for us. We are not bad people, we have never been bad people, no one says we have been bad people. Why shouldn’t we have one good day? Why should we have hope for our future? Why shouldn’t we think that there will come a good day? Why isn’t there a good day for us? We cannot even imagine it. I saw that when these things happen, there is crisis – we have been living in crisis for 40 years. When I thought about it, I felt bad.

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