Iran fires missile at its own ship!

[Iran says 19 sailors were killed and 15 wounded by “friendly fire” incident, when the missile struck support ship Konarak that was taking part in a maritime exercise.]

–Konarak: What we know about support ship Konarak and what has happened to it.

–The Army has announced that on May 10, an incident happened to the Konarak during maritime drill in Jask and Chabahar waters.

–In this incident, 19 people were killed, and 15 injured.

–The Konarak is not sunk and is towed ashore for technical investigation.

–Earlier, there were rumors and unverified images of this incident.

–The Konarak is one the Hendijan-class vessels whose main duty is logistic support.

–These vessels are made by the Netherlands; they are 47-meter-long and 8.5-meter-wide; and their draft is 2.9 meter.

–These vessels can carry 460 tons and can rapidly move 100 people.

–The Konarak was recently equipped with Nour cruise missile and could act as a patrol vessel.

Date of monitoring: 11/05/2020

Source: Entekhab

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