Interpol arrests former Iranian judge in Romania

[Iran’s judiciary spokesperson confirms that a former judge who is charged with bribery and corruption in Iran is in custody of Interpol in Romania and is going to be extradited when possible.]

Gholamhossein Esmaili: There were a couple of them who were abroad. One of these suspects – Mr. Mansouri –had announced he was going to come back to Iran and take part in the court session. But our investigations showed that his announcement wasn’t very serious, and was just propaganda show. So consequently, the judiciary authorities announced the issue to the Interpol in our country and in Romania where he is located. Since last night, this person is in custody of the Interpol and his arrest warrant is issued. Unfortunately, all flights from Romania to other countries are now completely cut off, and he cannot be present at court during next couple of days. As soon as the obstacles are removed — and if Romanian government continues to cooperate with us — the necessary measures will be taken to extradite him and take him to court.

Date of monitoring: 13/06/2020

Source: Shabakeh Khabar

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