“Hezbollah surrounds Americans”

[Mohammad Reza Naqdi, the former commander of Basij and senior IRGC official, is talking about what will happen if the U.S. and Israel attack Iran.]

“Hezbollah surrounds Americans”

MOHAMMAD REZA NAQDI talks about U.S. forces not being capable of responding to Iran’s possible attack against them: Let me tell you if today the Islamic Republic attacks America, Americans do not have the military capacity to respond. They will stretch their hands so that they can negotiate and resolve the issue. Not only they cannot attack, but if we attack them, they cannot respond. This is really so. With which economy, do they want to fight? With which popular support from their people? With which popular support from Iranian people? With which support from the world public opinion? With which high-spirited army? Everywhere they are surrounded by us. All throughout the region, Americans are surrounded by ‘Hezbollah’ forces. Wherever they move. Their 5th Fleet is in Bahrain. Their airbase is in Qatar. They are surrounded everywhere. In Dubai….

HOST asks: Even though it is impossible, what will Basij do if they do so? Talk about Basij.

MOHAMMAD REZA NAQDI talks about the possible scenario of Israel attacking Iran: I will tell you. The least response from Basij to any invasions by the Zionist regime is liberating Quds. It won’t be less than that. It means that if anything happens, the least response to Zionist regime is….

HOST: It means that it will be an excuse for…

MOHAMMAD REZA NAQDI concludes: Yes. Basijis are counting the minutes for it. And that is based on a basic Islamic verdict which is in Imam’s [Khomeini] treatise and nothing hidden. Every Muslim is bound to rise to liberate other Muslims’ land if it is occupied. And for this, even the verdict of sharia ruler is not necessary. This is a fatwa. Well, now because of the secondary verdict and international considerations and other issues, they say that you are not allowed to implement this verdict. All are counting the minutes to find an excuse to finish the Zionists.

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