Discrimination against Afghans in Iran

–Tasnim’s headline was that “Boiling blood of Afghanistan’s Fatemiyoun is an evidence for Imam Khomeini’s saying that ‘Islam knows no borders!’”

–But it seems that Khomeini’s ‘Islam without borders’ was for those who fight for IRGC and, in return, get paid and are granted citizenship.

–But from the three million Afghan refugees who immigrated to Iran a generation ago, the Islamic Republic has granted residency to only one million.

–This means that two third of Afghans — half of whom were born in Iran — have not yet received residency, insurance, or the right to education!

–Anywhere in the world, asylum seekers will receive residency or citizenship within 6 months to 5 years at most.

–Recently, the request for citizenship by Professor Najib Mayel-Heravi, Afghan renowned scholar and writer, was accepted in Iran, after his son committed self-arson in city of Mashhad.

–He has been residing in Iran for 50 years, and has an Iranian wife and two children.

–But his citizenship issue was not resolved until his child committed self-arson in front of the foreign ministry.

–Yes! Khomeini’s Islam knows no borders, but only for his soldiers!

Date of monitoring: 20/06/2020

Source: RoozaneFarsi

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