Detained opposition figure makes allegations against Saudi Arabia and Emirates

Ruhollah Zam: Saudi Arabia and Emirates wanted to cooperate with me against the establishment and proposed good money for it. Before my trip to Iraq, through one of many friends in Malaysia, a suggestion was made to me to launch a TV network with investment by Adel al Jubeir, former Saudi Foreign Minister. The mediator went far enough in this to even set an appointment. One of accusations against me is collusion with intent to disrupt the domestic and foreign security of the country, which, I think, needs to be defended. I had no intent to form a party or a group to perpetrate crimes against the country’s security. And if I have done anything, I do express my regret and repentance.

[In his final court session, Ruhollah Zam, opposition to Iranian regime, makes allegations against Saudi Arabia and Emirates, claiming they wanted to cooperate with him. The Islamic Republic is known for coercing the prisoners to make confession against its enemies.]

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