“Death to America,” again!

This footage from a state-owned Iranian news bulletin shows a regime-organized gathering of Iranian students in Tehran on December 13 to protest against US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The young people are seen burning Israeli and American flags and repeatedly chanting the now-traditional Iranian regime slogans, such as “Death to America! Death to the Zionist entity [Israel]! Death to England!”

During the protest, a reporter from the Iranian regime news station asks young protesters, who are pictured carrying symbolic coffins covered in red-stained fabric whether this indicate that they are ready to die for Palestine and why they are protesting. The first student says, “Today we’ve come to support the Muslim people – the people of Palestine. We are going to erase the disgraceful name of Trump from history!”

A second student answers, “Al Quds is the first kiblah of Muslim. It is by no means the capital of the Zionist usurper regime.”

A third student responds, “The United States can never make Quds Sharif as the capital of a country that we don’t recognize at all. Quds will always be for Palestinians.”

A fourth student tells the reporter, “The United States and Israel should know by now that they will regret the action they’ve taken, and that Quds cannot be the permanent capital of Israel.”

A fifth student says, “Recognizing al Quds as a capital of Israel is a selfish act, and Trump can do nothing he’s just pulling a wry face”. The reporter asks this student if he has a message for Trump and Israel, to which the student responds, citing the words of Khamenei, “They cannot make a damn thing wrong.”

A Basiji [regime plainclothes paramilitary] also tells the reporter, “The American arrogance seeks to dominate over all peoples, so by our gatherings and our rallies and sit-ins, we want to convey our outrage at America to the whole world.”

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