COVID-19 is conspiracy against religion!

[Member of Assembly of Experts in Iran Mohammad Mehdi Mir-Bagheri claims that COVID-19 is a conspiracy against religion as it overstates the case of outbreak in city of Qom and Italy where Vatican is located. Iranian officials use the idea of conspiracy theory as they failed to quickly respond to coronavirus outbreak.]

Mir-Bagheri: Pay attention to how it all started. I was following this through my friends. From December 13 in China — where they say it started — to February 19, it took 50 days. I was following the stock markets in European countries and America. Apparently, they didn’t have any serious drop. But since February 19 when it was announced in city of Qom and they dropped this news bombshell, the stock markets of these countries severely dived. The indexes and charts are available and you can access them. And then it was Italy. Other European countries are much worse than Italy, but they overstated the case of Italy because it is the place where Vatical is located. These are conspiracies against the religion.

Date of monitoring: 16/05/2020

Source: Ofogh TV

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