Coronavirus is to take our religion from us!

[Pro-Iranian regime physician, Hossein Ravazadeh, downplays coronavirus disease, calling it a ruse to take the people’s religion from them.]

Hossein Ravazadeh: I came to Qom. In the mosque, in all private meetings, we kissed and met each other. I will go to the holy shrine as well. I will do anything I want to. I will show to all that this is just a story. They want to take our religion from us. They want to damage us. All these things they are doing make no sense. We won’t listen to these things. And then why have you made this disease so big? Is it that difficult to treat it? I announce that I am ready to personally go to a place where the patients are and start treating them. You will see how quickly they will be treated. Its mortality is not proved yet. It is not clear if they die because of coronavirus. Someone is about to die; he gets coronavirus and dies. I have heard about a couple of cases. And when I asked, they said they were sick for a long time.

Date of monitoring: 01/03/2020

Source: Clip Khabari

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