Coronavirus is a lie!

[Mohammad Mehdi Bagheri, senior cleric and member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts, reiterates Iranian supreme leader’s theory that there is conspiracy behind the coronavirus disease.]

Mohammad Mehdi Bagheri: The truth is what they are saying about corona is a lie. This news is not as big as they say. There is danger, but it is not what they say about it. There is a conspiracy behind it. In my opinion, the supreme leader said it right when on the anniversary of birth of Imam Zaman, he said that this is a big danger, but we have had bigger dangers, so be careful of the enemy’s conspiracy. The way the news is regulated shows that there is conspiracy behind it. They tell lies to people. They lie. Is there coronavirus? Yes, of course. But what they lie about is the size of it. This news shouldn’t be broadcast in this way. The way it is broadcast shows that they are doing something to people. They don’t tell the truth to people. They don’t say what treason they are perpetrating against the people. This is fake news.

Date of monitoring: 10/05/2020

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