Basiji threatens to kill dissidents overseas!

–Greetings, dear friends. My previous page was hacked. I have opened this page recently. We have launched a campaign for killing Majid Nasrallahi, manager of Hagh news network, and Shahin Najafi. One is living in Switzerland and one in Germany. Those who volunteer can help however they can – financial help, giving their address, information about them or people close to them – so that we can send these heretics to hell. We have no political problems with them. For example, Nassrallahi says that they are confronting us because we are against them! No. We have convictional problems with them. These two constantly insult Ahl al-Bayt, Quran, and the supreme leader. That is why we have problems with them. I don’t belong to any organization. I am an Iranian citizen – in love with Ahl al-Bayt, Islam, and the supreme leader.

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